MoMas™ HRMS G1 Series Curtain Switch


Open or close your curtain by just one click. Use the MoMas™ HRMS-1131 Curtain Switch to make curtain control easier than ever. The switch can be used to control curtains directly or you can use the MoMas™ HRMS-1192 Remote Controller to control curtains remotely.

MoMas™ HRMS G1 Series Curtain Switch Features

• Comfort: Easy to control
• Convenience: Easy to install
• Elegancy: Smart modern design fits any type of home décor


HRMS-1131 MoMas™ Curtain Controller – 1 circuit: 2 buttons for open, close

MoMas™ HRMS G1 Series Curtain Switch Specifications

Curtain Switch HRMS-1131
Group Voltage AC100~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Moter Maximum Load 250W
Moter Minimum Load 10W
Operating Temperature -10℃~55℃
Operating Humidity ≤90%RH
Receiver Sensitivity -90dbm